Dosth 3+1+1 Wooden Sofa Set

35,000 INR

45,000 INR

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  • Ex Tax: 35,000 INR
  • Brand: Oneera
  • Product Code: OTSD01

Wood:                    Teak wood premium quality
Seating:                  3+1+1
Finish:                    Teak wood Mat finish (Glossy Available)
Chair Fabric:          Jute  (Colour and Design optional)
Cushion:                Super Soft 32 Density branded foam
Warranty:               5 year warranty for wood
Delivery:                Available in all Kerala

                               (Out of Kerala available in Parcel Service)
Customization:     Available

Tags: Living Furniture, wooden sofas, Benches, Chairs, coffee table, bookshelves, Divan, showcases, teapoy, settee, diwan cot

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