Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering Oneera.

The website Oneera is a platform for purchase of products manufactured by third party vendors. We strive to ensure that you will have a smooth, pleasant, and fair dealing with us.


Upon you placing an order with us, we will perform validation checks to ascertain different aspects of the order. We reserve the right to cancel any order which do not meet our validation criteria. No reason may be provided.


We will repair or replace the product if any manufacturing defect arises during the warranty period. This will be done free of cost. However, shipping charges will be borne by you.

Exactness not guaranteed

Please note, there will be slight variations in properties of the products you see online and the products delivered to you.


  • The finish may be slightly lighter or darker.
  • The fabric colour may not look exactly as it appears on your screen.
  • The dimensions of the product may vary by a few centimeters. Etc.

These changes occur due to many factors such as the screen you use to view our website, or the basic nature of the raw materials of the products.


  • The screen you use to view our website may be brighter, or darker, or more colourful than the screens we use to create their pictures.
  • Raw materials such as wood come in different shades even if they are of the same kind.
  • The finish of the products may vary slightly depending upon stain conditions.
  • The dimensions of the product may slightly change their properties depending upon conditions like temperature, humidity, etc.
  • We will strive to deliver products that exactly match their details on our website.